Crown Yourself

Crown Yourself

Hosted by: Shakti Sita Kaur

Only you can crown yourself and we need leaders like you doing just that. We are in uncharted territory on this planet where many of us are learning that we must elevate and sophisticate the technology of our human...


Nuance Versus Newspeak: How Language Shapes Our Reality

Season #1 Episode #16

Shakti Sita is back with an important episode about language. There are many buzz words that have deliberately been used to move the masses during this time, such as: “flatten the curve” “quarantine” “social...
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Life Goes On, Even In Lockdown

Season #1 Episode #15

After a very much unplanned hiatus, Shakti Sita is back with her key lessons from the global lockdown. It has been a time to grow, make tantric malas (3 months later), and start telling better stories than the one...
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Saturn Returns, Timing, & Opportunity

Season #1 Episode #14

I'm just weeks away from my first Saturn return, which is a time of major transition into what can be called astrological adulthood. In this episode, I share key information about these Saturn passages how they are...
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Lessons From The First Week of Opening a Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Studio

Season #1 Episode #13

I recorded this episode exactly one week into opening The Pallas Kundalini Yoga & Meditation studio in Dobbs Ferry, NY. I share my initial takeaways and lessons from the first week - from taking responsibility for...
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Becoming Fearlessly Creative

Season #1 Episode #12

One of the major keys to creativity is remembering that no one actually cares - because they are super caught up in their own lives. So stop using what they "might" think as an excuse to not create. Just go do your...
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Using Your Meditative Muscle Memory To Go Past Your Edges

Season #1 Episode #11

I’m days away from the first class at The Pallas Kundalini yoga & meditation studio in Westchester, NY. It has been such a fascinating creative process to get to this point and in today’s episode I’m sharing some...
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How Multidimensional Women Are Redefining Work & Success with Mary Margaret Skelly

Season #1 Episode #10

Mary Margaret Skelly is a career advisor who works with women all over the world to help them to the work that they’re meant to do. Drawing on her background as an executive recruiter - from Wall Street to Silicon...
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The Evolution of Consciousness Into The Age of Aquarius

Season #1 Episode #9

If things feel like they are changing rapidly right now - that’s because they are. We’ve been in entering a brand new astrological age as a planet, known as The Age of Aquarius. In this episode I’ll explain the...
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Activism & Human Behavior in the Multiverse with Kelly Tatham

Season #1 Episode #8

"I think that our consciousness is evolving so that we're going to be able to rise to this challenge, that we're going to be able to figure this out, that this is exactly the catalyst we need to rethink humanity and...
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How To Heal Yourself With The Parasympathetic Nervous System

Season #1 Episode #7

The nervous system is a muscle and if we don't practice strengthening the parasympathetic side of it, our bodies' natural healing process becomes stalled. Through my own health journey, I've experienced how profound...
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Dynamically Evolving with Grace with Jenny Miller

Season #1 Episode #6

Today I'm interviewing Jenny Miller of The Soul Path Podcast. We are discussing how to continually evolve with grace, how to dynamically serve the collective, her recent spiritual journey to Tibet, how to heal after a...
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Stop Hesitating & Make Quicker Decisions

Season #1 Episode #5

Today's episode is all about making fast decisions so you can keep moving! The best leaders are the quickest and most accurate decision makers. It is an intuitive process and if insecurity is slowing you down from...
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