All Courses with Shakti Sita

Prosperity Fusion Kundalini Intensive

Learn the true frequency of prosperity in this expansive 15-session course with Shakti Sita.

Experience the power of recognizing all the miracles that are already happening for you - every day. 

When you can appreciate what you already have, you become more prosperous and at ease.


Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training: Your Self-Initiation

Become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher with this virtual course by Shakti Sita. Take the classes at your own speed.

Originally taught August - September 2023. 

You receive a certification upon completion! 


Parasympathetic Reprogramming Kundalini in Greece

Experience the transformational power of your parasympathetic nervous system. Learn how to activate it so you can heal, connect to your innate wisdom, and be a force of positive change for your family and this whole planet.

This course is comprised of the key sessions from Shakti Sita's powerful Amorgos Island retreat. Don't miss this rare glimpse inside her group work.


The Business of Your Spiritual Evolution Course

This is a thorough Business Course for entrepreneurs and those who want to make a positive impact on the world. If you practice these meditations and Kriyas consistently, you will have the energy you need in order to carry the weight of your destiny.

"You are the servant of this identity called business. You serve it, and it will serve you." - Yogi Bhajan


The Frequency of Liberation Course 

Liberate yourself - while alive! If you aren’t smiling every day, what makes you think you will die smiling?

This course covers many topics including: what it means to be Liberated, how to die like a yogi, how to support someone who is transitioning, mantras and practices to prepare yourself for your inevitable death (and awakening!) and why conquering your own mind is essential.


Body & Breath Course

There are 72,000 Nadis in your body. Many of them are closed. When one opens even a little, you experience a whole new version of your life. 

In this course you’ll learn about your channels of pranic flow, experience how the Kundalini energy moves through the body, and practice meditations and Kriyas that will give you a whole new relationship to your body and breath.


Complimentary Community Classes

Add Shakti Sita's complimentary community classes to your library and practice rotation!