$2,500.00 USD

Kundalini Teacher Training: Your Self-Initiation with Shakti Sita

Become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher with Shakti Sita's Universal Academy of Yogic Wisdom!

What you'll get:

  • 29 Jam-Packed Sessions
  • Shakti Sita's Universal Academy of Yogic Wisdom Teacher Training Manual
  • Sadhana Guide
  • Universal Academy of Yogic Wisdom Kundalini Teacher Certificate Upon Completion of Online Course


"The wisdom that is transferred from Shakti Sita throughout the training is invaluable! Having done a kundalini yoga immersion in the past, I thought I knew a few things already but I learned so much more! She teaches everything from tips, tricks, secrets; no holding back at all. It has reignited my passion for this practice and multipled it a few times over. I'm very excited to start teaching and sharing it again with a lot more confidence!"

Luis Colon

"I have been through 5 teacher training courses in the last 17 years, and I have never experienced someone so committed to their students as Shakti Sita is. Shakti Sita teaches with her heart and her soul. I was deeply moved by her devotion and courage to take her students deeper than they have ever been. Shakti Sita has a deeply profound and authentic transmission you do not want to miss. I will be unpacking all that I learned for a long time to come.

This was a life changing experience for me. This experience has given me the tools I need to dive deeper into my soul's purpose and help the people who need these teachings the most. Each class Shakti Sita taught was and is so rich and deep. The transmission that came through Shakti Sita healed me on so many levels. The added strength I have gained has helped me to lead my own path and explore my true destiny.

I cannot thank you enough for all that you gave and continue to give. This training along with the others I have taken from you will stay with me for lifetimes and I will continue to share you with all whom I meet along this dharmic path. I highly recommend Shakti Sita’s courses in supporting your journey and relationship with your soul."

Kavalya Kaur Khalsa

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